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Rob Yates

Rob Yates

Leading Safety Solutions (LSS) is a division of East West Roof Guardrail Pty Ltd, manufacturing and supplying innovative edge protection and height safety barrier systems and products.

LSS sells premium standard systems or design specific solutions for your height safety requirements. In addition to our guardrail systems, we have strong industry links with ground-based scaffold providers to ensure you’re covered in every situation.

Managing director Rob Yates is one of Australia’s foremost experts in edge protection systems. Rob is President of both the Queensland and National Edge Protection and Platform Associations.

“I’ve worked in temporary roof edge protection and safety rail systems since 1995. In that time, I’ve heard many different names for guardrail, including:

  • Deck guard
  • Safety rail
  • Edge protection
  • Roof fencing
  • Fall protection
  • Roof edge protection
  • Temporary rail
  • Handrail
  • Guardrail

No matter what you call it, Leading Safety Solution’s roof edge protection systems are premium guardrail and handrail products, designed to maximise safe and fast installations and removals.

Required by law, your work teams will find our systems work best for them.

Lighter and stronger than other roof guardrail and handrail products, workers can do more in less time, delivering you the productivity gains needed to stay ahead of the game.

We manufacture and sell standard and design specific systems so height workers stay safe on the job, no matter what the job.” – Rob